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Perennial nursery since 1978.

Guido Van de Steen has become one of the trendsetters of modern gardening throughout the years. With a focus on leaf shape, inflorescence and subtle hues, Guido continuously adds new special plants to its assortment.

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Both professional horticulturalists and hobbyists appreciate the nursery for:

The high quality of our plants

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The very wide range, more than 2000 varieties

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The handy online catalogue with many photos

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High-quality permanent plants

We have healthy parent plants of many plant varieties and their cultivars which grow in the best conditions. Every year these plants supply splitting and cutting material. Difficult varieties are grown by means of tissues in a virus-free environment.

Professional horticulturalists, public administrations and growers at home and abroad rely on our substantial botanical expertise, which guarantees that all varieties are given the care they need.

Our wintering greenhouses guarantee the quality of the more sensitive plant species, so that we can also offer optimal plants in spring.

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Our dedicated employees are ready to help you

The many hundreds of thousands of plants are presented in a well-arranged way. This makes it possible for us to handle the order in an efficient way.


We guarantee that our plants are authentic varieties.

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About us

The best time to plant

All of these plants have been cultivated in the pot at our nursery. Since the entire root system is in the pot, there is minimal damage to the roots when transferring the plant from the pot into the ground. The plants take root quickly. Therefore, you can transfer our plants from the pot into the ground at any time of year – except when it is freezing.

It is a misconception that you can only plant in the fall and in the spring.


All plants are collected at our nursery (unless agreed otherwise with the client) and accepted by the client as soon as they have been loaded.

We cannot guarantee the regrowth of our plants, because we cannot inspect how they are treated.

When our plants do not meet your expectations, despite our care, and you are convinced that you have treated them correctly after having collected them, you can send your complaints to us through the via het contact form.