Our perennial nursery

Perennial nursery since 1978

Guido Van de Steen has become one of the trendsetters of modern gardening throughout the years. With a focus on leaf shape, inflorescence and subtle hues, Guido continuously adds new special plants to its assortment.

Both professional horticulturalists and hobbyists appreciate the nursery for:

• the high quality of our plants
• the very wide range (more than 3,750 varieties!)
• de handy online catalogue with thousands of photos
• our dedicated employees who are ready to help you
• our certificate of authenticity for each species


High-quality permanent plants

We have healthy parent plants of many plant varieties and their cultivars which grow in the best conditions. Every year these plants supply splitting and cutting material. Difficult varieties are grown by means of tissues in a virus-free environment.
Professional horticulturalists, public administrations and growers at home and abroad rely on our substantial botanical expertise, which guarantees that all varieties are given the care they need.
Our wintering greenhouses guarantee the quality of the more sensitive plant species, so that we can also offer optimal plants in spring.

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Wholesale business with a very wide range

At Guido Van de Steen you can find a wide range of more than 3,750 different types of permanent plants, ornamental grasses, bamboos, ferns, herb plants, ground cover plants and water and marsh plants. Moreover, we have an exceptional range of new shadow plants, including hundreds of species of Hosta.

We split most of these plants or strike cuttings of them, so that the typical qualities of the plant are preserved. Other plants are sown. Today we also grow many plants through tissue culture to exclude diseases.

With such a rich selection it is not only necessary to know all reproduction techniques, but also 'sense' which plants will be fashionable and be stubborn enough to keep plants in the assortment, even though the demand is decreasing.

When you are looking for novel and special products, you will be very satisfied when you visit us.

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Online catalogue with thousands of photos

It is very easy to choose and order through our online catalogue.

As a professional you can log in at the top right, so that you can view our full range and perhaps place an order. The stated prices are exclusive of VAT (we are not responsible for incorrectly stated prices).

As a private individual you can purchase plants through the cart that is shown with each plant. You can collect your order at the time you want, during the week and also on Saturday. On Saturday morning our nursery is especially accessible for private individuals who want to buy plants on the spot, so that they can take them along immediately (see opening hours). However, it is also handy and easy when you first compile a list and send it to us a week in advance.
The stated prices are exclusive of VAT (we are not responsible for incorrectly stated prices).

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Our dedicated employees are ready to help you

The many hundreds of thousands of plants are presented in a well-arranged way. This makes it possible for us to handle the order in an efficient way. Ten permanent employees kindly handle each order - in the peak periods the number of employees may even rise to 30.

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We guarantee that our plants are authentic varieties.


All plants are collected at our nursery (unless agreed otherwise with the client) and accepted by the client as soon as they have been loaded.

We cannot guarantee the regrowth of our plants, because we cannot inspect how they are treated.

When our plants do not meet your expectations, despite our care, and you are convinced that you have treated them correctly after having collected them, you can send your complaints to us through the contact form.

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